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Welcome to IGALL Database

This site presents data produced by the IAEA Extrabudgetary Programme on International Generic Ageing Lessons Learned (IGALL) for Nuclear Power Plants. It supplements the IAEA Safety Reports Series No. 82, Ageing Management for Nuclear Power Plants: International Generic Ageing Lessons Learned (IGALL), IAEA, Vienna (2015).

The following information is presented:

- For structures, systems and components of nuclear power plants:

  · A generic sample of ageing management review (AMR) tables;

  · A collection of proven ageing management programmes (AMPs);

  · A collection of typical time limited ageing analyses (TLAAs);

  · A collection of description of other ageing management related activities.

- For regulatory bodies

 · A set of documents containing information regarding proven practices in oversight of nuclear power plant's ageing management and preparedness for long term operation.

Notes for users of the IGALL documents: the references cited in the IGALL documents may have been revised since the last publication of the document. As users develop the documents for their plant-specific implementation, they should make sure to use the latest versions of the references, as appropriate. Revised IGALL documents contain in red those parts that were modified during their latest revision. 

The IGALL documents in this website represents the results after IGALL Phase 5 that was completed between 2020 – 2021. It focused on development of new IGALL documents and further improvement of completeness and correctness of the existing IGALL results, including further development of Safety Report Series No. 82. The IGALL Phase 5 results were approved by the Steering Committe in December 2021, when Phase 6 of the IGALL programme (planned for 2022 2023) was also launched with the objective to further collect proven practices of the Member States related to ageing management

For more information, please contact the IAEA technical officers responsible for IGALL development – Mr. Gabor Petofi, or Mr. Martin Marchena,

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