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IAEA Safety Standards require the regulatory body to make provisions for establishing, maintaining and retrieving adequate records relating to the safety of facilities and activities, including registers of sealed radioactive sources and radiation generators. The Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources requires each State to “maintain a national register for radioactive sources…and to endeavor to harmonize the formats of their registers”.

Maintaining the national register for radiation sources requires developing adequate data management tools to facilitate data storage, analysis and follow-up actions. Adequate data management is needed not only to keep a national register for radiation sources, but also to manage the large amount of data with which the regulatory authority has access on a daily basis. 

The Regulatory Authority Information System (RAIS) software has been developed by the IAEA as part of a supporting set of actions designed to assist countries in operating their regulatory control programme.

This RAIS site is a collaboration platform designed for regulators who are using RAIS, with the objective of providing an instrument for enhancing the sharing of knowledge and experience in establishing RAIS in their respective national regulatory systems and maintaining it as a tool for the management of their regulatory activities.





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