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Regulatory Cooperation Forum (RCF)


The Regulatory Cooperation Forum (RCF) is a member-driven forum of nuclear power regulators that promotes the sharing of regulatory knowledge and experience through international cooperation and collaboration using the IAEA Safety Standards as its basis. As of today, 27 countries and international organizations have joined the RCF

​RCF Video


01. RCF Plenary_RCF Strategic Approach_2019.09.20.pptx01. RCF Plenary_RCF Strategic Approach_2019.09.209/27/2019 3:31 PMMAMAN, Ezequiel
02. RCF Plenary_Activities SC RC and KM_2019.09.20.pptx02. RCF Plenary_Activities SC RC and KM_2019.09.209/27/2019 3:31 PMMAMAN, Ezequiel
03. RCF Plenary_FANR Capacity Building_2019.09.20.pptx03. RCF Plenary_FANR Capacity Building_2019.09.209/27/2019 3:31 PMMAMAN, Ezequiel
04. RCF Plenary_ALEP_2019.09.20.pptx04. RCF Plenary_ALEP_2019.09.209/27/2019 3:31 PMMAMAN, Ezequiel
05. RCF Plenary_TSO Initiative_2019.09.20.pptx05. RCF Plenary_TSO Initiative_2019.09.209/27/2019 3:31 PMMAMAN, Ezequiel
06 RCF Plenary_SMR Regulators' Forum_2019.09.20.pptx06 RCF Plenary_SMR Regulators' Forum_2019.09.209/27/2019 3:31 PMMAMAN, Ezequiel