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Contribution Agreement 2010 Activities

​Activities related to Contribution Agreement 2010/244-291

Activities realized under Component 2 – Strengthening the Regulatory Capabilities for Countries Embarking on Nuclear Power.

Mission Summary.pdf
Folder: Consultancy meeting on draft exemplary training materials for WS Leadership and Management System for RB_July 2013_Vienna
Folder: Consultancy meeting on question-sets for self-assessment against IAEA Safety Standards_Feb 2013_Austria
Folder: Consultancy Meeting to review exemplary material on Leadership and Management System for RB_March_2014_Vienna
Folder: Consultancy Meeting to review exemplary material on Licensing Process_February_2014_Vienna
Folder: Consultancy meeting to review questionnaires based on SSR 2 1_April 2013_Austria
Folder: Consultancy meeting to review questionnaires used to perform IRIS against SSG-16_Feb 2013_Austria
Folder: Expert assistance on the development of a management system for the regulatory body_OCT 2012_Poland
Folder: Expert Mission on Development and Revision of Human Resources Development Plan_Nov 2012_Thailand
Folder: Expert Mission on Regulatory Framework for Nuclear Facilities and Self-Assessment based on SSG 16_NOV 2012_Egypt
Folder: Expert Mission to review Competence Needs for upcoming Licensing Activities_OCT 2012_Turkey
Folder: Expert Mission to review current status of the Regulatory Infrastructure for Safety_SEP 2012_Nigeria
Folder: IAEA introduction training to SARIS – IRRS UK follow-up_March 2013_Austria
Folder: International Conference Effective Nuclear Regulatory Systems_April 2013_Canada
Folder: National workshop on development of legislation and regulation for nuclear and radiation safety_OCT 2012_Belarus
Folder: National Workshop on IAEA self-assessment for IRIS based on SSG-16_December_2013_Malaysia
Folder: National Workshop on Regulatory Approaches and Regulatory Framework_July 2013_Philippines
Folder: National Workshop on Regulatory Framework and Licensing Process_December_2013_Nigeria
Folder: National Workshop on self-evaluation of infrastructure status and integrated work plan_March 2013_Nigeria
Folder: National Workshop on SSG-16 self-assessment methodology and IRIS software_February 2014_Turkey
Folder: National Workshop on the Development of Management Systems for Key Involved Organizations_OCT 2012_Malaysia
Folder: National Workshop on the IAEA self-assessment of SARIS methodology and tool_November_2013_Netherlands
Folder: RCF meeting with Belarus to prepare for 2014 RCF support meeting_November 2013_Belarus
Folder: RCF support meeting with the European Commission for Belarus, Jordan, Poland and Vietnam_April_2014_Belgium
Folder: Regional Meeting on Safety Review and Assessment_April 2014_Vienna
Folder: Regional Meeting on Self-Assessment against Specific Safety Guide No16_NOV 2012_Austria
Folder: Regional Workshop Challenges of Embarking or Expanding Countries on Establishment of NS Infrastructure_Oct 2013_Turkey
Folder: Regional Workshop on Development of Nuclear Safety Regulations_July 2013_Mongolia
Folder: Regional Workshop on Introduction of SSG16 Self Assessment Methodology and IRIS Software_May 2013_Vienna
Folder: Regional Workshop on Leadership Mgt for Safety_May 2014_Vietnam
Folder: Regional Workshop on Leadership, Management for Safety and Safety Culture for RB_May 2013_Thailand
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