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​Safety Packages of IAEA Assistance for Establishing Safety Infrastructure​​

SSG-16 Establishing the Safety Infrastructure for a Nuclear Power Programme

​The IAEA has developed Safety Packages based on SSG-16 to assist in the establishment of a nuclear safety infrastructure. The Safety Packages are a collection of the information contained in SSG-16 with Safety Standards, Peer Reviews, IAEA Assistance (Education & Training, Advisory Services, Revelant Publications) and Knowledge Networks outlined. The packages are devided into 11 Thematic Modules, following and merging the 20 elements of SSG-16. The packages give guidance as to who is responsible (e.g., Government, Operating Organization, Regulatory Body); what the actions are; when the actions should be taken place according to the 3-phased approached; and how the Agency can assist through appropriate peer review services, advisory services, education and training and networks and tools.

A comprehensive catalogue of workshops, including their scope and syllabus has been developed and has been included as part of the safety package for Module 1- Governmental, Legal and Regulatory Framework for Safety. The workshops are offered by the IAEA targeting primarily the staff of regulatory bodies but also applicable to other governmental organizations, operating organizations and technical support organizations. The workshops address the following topics:

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