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Thematic Regulatory Networks

Control of Sources Network (CSN)

Control of Sources Network is a platform designed for regulators with the objective of providing an instrument for enhancing the sharing of knowledge and experience in the establishment and maintenance of a system for regulatory control of radiation sources.

Current contents of the CSN are:

  • IAEA documents relevant to control of sources (safety requirements and guides, TECDOCs and guidelines, international instruments, etc.)

  • A library for sharing regulatory documents among regulators in Member States

  • Calendar of activities (annual planned meetings, workshops, training courses)

  • Available training Packages

  • Important links, announcements and contact points

The CSN also has two independent sub-sites, on the IAEA self-assessment methodology and tool (SARIS), and the Regulatory Authority Information System (RAIS).

The sub-site on self-assessment contains:

  • All question sets included in the beta version of the Self-Assessment of Regulatory Infrastructure for Safety (SARIS) tool (in MS Word format)

  • Documentation on SARIS (how to install SARIS- in a network environment and standalone on individual PCs- and Users’ guide)

  • Calendar of activities in relation to self-assessment

  • A wiki help on using SARIS

  • A blog for discussion among users of SARIS

  • Related links and announcements>

The sub-site on RAIS contains:

  • RAIS documentation

  • Calendar relevant to RAIS activities

  • Different version of RAIS (RAIS 3.0 – RAIS 3.2)

  • A blog for discussion among users of RAIS

  • Frequently asked questions

  • Related links and announcements