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GS-G-3.5 The Management System for Nuclear Installations .pdf
GSR-Part 2 Leadership and Management for Safety.pdf
Human and Organizational Factors in Nuclear Safety in Light of the Accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant .pdf
INSAG-15 Key Practical Issues in Strengthening Safety Culture.pdf
INSAG-27 Ensuring Robust National Nuclear Safety Systems - Institutional Strength in Depth.pdf
INSAG-4 Safety Culture .pdf
SF-1 Safety Fundamentals, Principle 3 - Leadership for Safety.pdf
SRS No. 83 Performing Safety Culture Self-assessments.pdf

 Further References 

This publication focuses on the challenges and their possible solutions in the areas of leadership, human performance and internal communication in a severe nuclear emergency. It presents a brief overview of some of the key concepts, especially how they relate to an organization’s ability to successfully manage an emergency event.


The Nuclear Leadership development (LeaD) Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of people who share an interest in developing their own or their organization's leadership throughout the lifecycle of a nuclear facility. It includes a LeaD tool for developers of leadership programmes.