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International School of Nuclear and Radiological Leadership for Safety

Welcome to the International School of Nuclear and Radiological Leadership for Safety! This School is for junior and middle management professionals from regulatory bodies, licensed operators or users and related organizations who have demonstrated leadership potential through professional achievements.

The goal of the School is to help IAEA Member States gain a better understanding of what leadership for safety means in practice. The focus is on the application of nuclear and radiological safety leadership concepts to real-life situations, through the use of case studies, presentations, exercises, discussions and key note addresses based on IAEA Safety Standards and guidelines.

This is an intensive course, facilitated by senior international experts. Participants will broaden their leadership skills using progressively complex scenarios, through individual study as well as in-class group work and dialogues. An interactive platform for discussion and the sharing of experiences among participants both during and after the School further enhances skill development.

Attendees are expected to develop:

  • An increased understanding of how to lead for safety in inherently complex nuclear and radiological environments, in both routine and emergency situations;
  • Ideas on how to effectively engage and constructively influence others on safety matters;
  • An increased ability to apply leadership for safety concepts in their own frames of reference;
  • An increased awareness of international standards and requirements in this area;
  • An international perspective and increased professional network through the sharing of knowledge with peers and senior experts.

This course will provide participants with skills and knowledge that will be useful throughout their careers and contribute to a culture for safety within their organizations and the capacity building efforts of their individual Member States.