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2017 Survey Nice Pilot

Please rate the following questions from 1 to 10  using the following criteria as a guide:
1. Very little, 5. Somewhat,  10. Significantly

This Pilot School has given me insights and increased knowledge of how to lead for safety in nuclear and radiological situations/scenarios
This Pilot School has given me insights and increased my knowledge of how to lead for safety in emergency situations where communication and engagement with the public is important 7
This Pilot School has provided me with ideas on how to effectively engage with and constructively influence others on safety 6
This Pilot School has increased my knowledge and awareness of the IAEA safety standards as well as my ability to apply them in real life situations 4
This Pilot School has increased my knowledge of leadership for safety in other facilities and/or activities than those  I am involved with in my current professional work 3
This Pilot School has increased my international perspective and my networking with peers and senior experts 3
I am going to use this experience in my daily work 9
The methodology of the school is appropriate for achieving the objectives. 9
In your opinion this Pilot school has successfully provided a good basis for its development into a well-established event ... 5
Any gaps or improvements for the school as well as the most positive aspects of it
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If you are interested in further engagement with the IAEA in developing personal projects such as research and studies based on the school and /or how you have used this experience in your professional life. If yes, please send an e mail to the IAEA leadership contact point
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Case study 1: Unintended Medical Exposure I found the presentations useful
Case study 2: Challenges during a Nuclear Power Plant Outage I found the presentations useful
Case study 3: Response to a leak of radioactive material to the environment I found the facilitation helpful
Case study 4: Bringing together the nuclear and radiological leadership skills in complex environment I found it relevant and useful to understand the concepts
Please rate the following questions from 1 to 10  using the following criteria as a guide:
1. Very little, 5. Somewhat,  10.  Significantly

The Lectures provided me with an enhanced understanding of GSR Part 2
The lectures helped me to understand the 4 Quadrant model (SARCoN) and behavioural competences (Quadrant 4)
I found useful the Lead Project and other Agency tools 9
I found the round table useful and informative 6