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  Enhancing Capacity Building Activities in the European Nuclear and Radiation Safety Organizations for the Safe Operation of Facilities

The project aims to strengthen national nuclear infrastructures through a capacity building initiative in alignment with IAEA methodology, addressing the reinforcement and widening of excellence in the nuclear and radiation safety areas through a regional initiative aimed to develop strategies for maintaining, improving and integrating competences and infrastructures regarding the nuclear safety aspects in Member States (MSs). The first logical step is to develop and implement a robust capacity building programme at the national level, based on a comprehensive and integrated approach of the four main elements of capacity building. The MSs will benefit from the existing European expertise under IAEA facilitation and coordination. At the country level, the nuclear safety infrastructure can be strengthened through the development of a National Nuclear Safety Knowledge Platform allowing partners, stakeholders and governmental entities to work together to enhance the global nuclear safety and security framework. Both capacity building and nuclear safety knowledge programmes allow MSs to have in place a consistent plan for sustainable human resource development and a robust approach on education and training in support of the national nuclear safety capacity building plan. The successful implementation will help MSs to fulfil the requirement of the new IAEA standard GSR Part 2 (Leadership and Management for Safety), the integration of knowledge management into the organization’s management systems. Also, MSs have the possibility to create links with other Regional/Interregional Networks. The project offers high impact opportunities, such as the establishment of comprehensive nuclear safety roadmaps for national organizations; setting up national communities of practice and nuclear safety knowledge bases; resources optimization and mobilization; and development of strategic partnerships, among others. The harmonization of MS priorities, needs and gaps with IAEA recommendations and standards will ensure the consistency and effectiveness of national, regional, European and international policies in nuclear safety.

For more details, please refer to the Design Document of the project here