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Skip Navigation LinksActivity Documents - Public : 12th GNSSN SC Meeting, 16-17th April 2018, IAEA, Vienna
GNSSN meeting material can be stored in this library for collaboration as well as publishing purpose.

Final Agenda-12th GNSSN_SC_Meeting.pdfFinal Agenda-12th GNSSN_SC_MeetingIAEA, Vienna2018
P03a_Safety Challenges - Mr Rzentkowski.pdfP03a_Safety Challenges - Mr RzentkowskiIAEA, Vienna2018
P03b_Interface between Safety and Security for Research Reactors.pdfP03b_Interface between Safety and Security for Research ReactorsIAEA, Vienna2018
P05a_Leadership Management and Culture for safety work.pdfP05a_Leadership Management and Culture for safety workIAEA, Vienna2018
P05b_Leadership School Presentation - Mr MAllick.pdfP05b_Leadership School Presentation - Mr MAllickIAEA, Vienna2018
P06a_Regulatory Inspection of RRs - Mr SHIM.pdfP06a_Regulatory Inspection of RRs - Mr SHIMIAEA, Vienna2018
P06b_Inspector Training and Certification Mr KOBETZ.pdfP06b_Inspector Training and Certification Mr KOBETZIAEA, Vienna2018
P07a_NS activities on SMR and transportable reactors - Mr MALLICK.pdfP07a_NS activities on SMR and transportable reactors - Mr MALLICKIAEA, Vienna2018
P07b_Safety Review and Assessment of SMRs - Ms Spitzer.pdfP07b_Safety Review and Assessment of SMRs - Ms SpitzerIAEA, Vienna2018
P07c_RF_SMR_2018_Mr Magruder.pdfP07c_RF_SMR_2018_Mr MagruderIAEA, Vienna2018
P08_TECDOC-REMP- Mr Recio.pdfP08_TECDOC-REMP- Mr RecioIAEA, Vienna2018
P09_KINS International Cooperation_Ms. Lee.pdfP09_KINS International Cooperation_Ms. LeeIAEA, Vienna2018
P10_Radiation Safety – priorities and activities.pdfP10_Radiation Safety – priorities and activitiesIAEA, Vienna2018
P11_Emergency Preparedness and Response.pdfP11_Emergency Preparedness and ResponseIAEA, Vienna2018
P12_Nuclear Security priorities and activities.pdfP12_Nuclear Security priorities and activitiesIAEA, Vienna2018
P13_Capacity Building.pdfP13_Capacity BuildingIAEA, Vienna2018
P14_Safety Report on KM for RB-Mr MACSUGA.pdfP14_Safety Report on KM for RB-Mr MACSUGAIAEA, Vienna2018
P15_PRASC Update - Booth.pdfP15_PRASC Update - BoothIAEA, Vienna2018
P17_Transport Safety Networks.pdfP17_Transport Safety NetworksIAEA, Vienna2018
P18_GNSSN IT Developments.pdfP18_GNSSN IT DevelopmentsIAEA, Vienna2018
Recommendations of the 12th GNSSN SC.pdfRecommendations of the 12th GNSSN SCIAEA, Vienna2018