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18th GNSSN Steering Committee Meeting, 28-29 July 2022, Hybrid Event, IAEA, Vienna


Annual GNSSN SC meeting



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Hybrid Event

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Responsible IAEA PMO

Mr. GUO Linguan (

IAEA Technical Officer

Mr. KUNJEER Sameer (

Guest Lecturers

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Folder: Network PresentationsNetwork Presentations
Folder: PhotosPhotos
22-07 GNSSN_Translation FORO Projects.pdf22-07 GNSSN_Translation FORO ProjectsHybrid Event2022
Agenda_ 18th_GNSSN_SC_Meeting_final_July 2022.pdfAgenda_ 18th_GNSSN_SC_Meeting_final_July 2022Hybrid Event2022
Briefing on outcomes of Coordination Meeting Outcomes_June 2022.pdfBriefing on outcomes of Coordination Meeting Outcomes_June 2022Hybrid Event2022
GNSSN Action Plan_July 2022.pdfGNSSN Action Plan_July 2022Hybrid Event2022
GNSSN Annual Report_Drafting_Actions_July 2022.pdfGNSSN Annual Report_Drafting_Actions_July 2022Hybrid Event2022
GNSSN Newsletter Publication_18th GNSSN SC_July 2022.pdfGNSSN Newsletter Publication_18th GNSSN SC_July 2022Hybrid Event2022
Ideas for cross-regional technical projects_reports.pdfIdeas for cross-regional technical projects_reportsHybrid Event2022
NSOC_Presentation_CB_GNSSN SC meeting 28_29 July 2022_INSUK.pdfNSOC_Presentation_CB_GNSSN SC meeting 28_29 July 2022_INSUKHybrid Event2022
Nuclear Safety Knowledge Management_18th GNSSN SC_SK_v1.0.pdfNuclear Safety Knowledge Management_18th GNSSN SC_SK_v1.0Hybrid Event2022
Overview Leadership School_2022_mm GNSSN 28 July 2022_short.pdfOverview Leadership School_2022_mm GNSSN 28 July 2022_shortHybrid Event2022
Presentation Master Degree GNSSN_July 2022.pdfPresentation Master Degree GNSSN_July 2022Hybrid Event2022
Updates on the GNSSN IT Platform_July 2022.pdfUpdates on the GNSSN IT Platform_July 2022Hybrid Event2022