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Arab Network of Nuclear Regulators

Arab Network of Nuclear Regulators

Arab Network of Nuclear Regulators

The Arab Network of Nuclear Regulators (ANNuR) was created in 2010 with the purpose of strengthening and harmonizing the regulatory infrastructure in Arab countries as well as exchanging regulatory knowledge and experiences with other international and regional networks under the IAEA Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network (GNSSN). The IAEA and the ANNuR signed practical arrangements in April 2014 that constitute a clear framework for the increased cooperation between the two organizations.

ANNuR Plenary

 Upcoming Events

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First Regional Meeting on Harmonizing the Regulatory Requirements for Radiation Protection Officer Qualification and Competence


27 May 2024 - 29 May 2024

​Cairo, Egypt

International Conference on Enhancing Nuclear Safety and Security Through Technical and Scientific Support Organizations (TSOs): Challenges and Opportunities in a Rapidly Changing World

02 Dec 2024 - 06 Dec 2024

​​IAEA Headquarters in Vienna, Austria

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 Publications Safety Standards Daiichi Accident - Report by Director General and Technical Volumes
ANNuR Strategic Plan (2016-2020)

 Relevant Links Arab Atomic Energy Agency (AAEA)
AAEA established in1989
AAEA is working within the framework of the League of Arab States to coordinate the scientific efforts of the Arab countries in the field of peaceful uses of atomic energy. It contributes also to the transfer of the peaceful nuclear knowledge and technologies.

Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network (GNSSN)
The IAEA Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network (GNSSN) is a human network operating at global, regional and national levels, supported by a strong web platform. GNSSN is a key support element of the Global Nuclear Safety and Security Framework (GNSSF) defined here as “the institutional, legal and technical framework for ensuring the safety of nuclear installations throughout the world. The objective of this [framework] is to lead to a world where all nuclear installations are operating safely” (Strengthening the Global Nuclear Safety Regime, INSAG Series No. 21).


  • 8 Thematic Working Groups
  • Over 40 activities since inception
  • 22 active member states

   ANNuR Factsheet


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​September 2023:
Highlights ANNuR Side Event - 28th Sept​

15th Annual Meeting of the Arab Network of Nuclear Regulators

Developing 2024-25 Action Plan under ANNuR Strategy 2022-2027

Exploring Ways to Enhancing Nuclear and Radioactive Material Safety
and Security with All Relevant Stakeholders

AAEA DG meets IAEA DDG, NS - 29 Sep 2022

September 2022​:
Meeting between IAEA, DDG-NS, Ms Lydie Evrard & Dr Salem Hamdi, DG-AAEA

October 2015: ANNuR fianalised its Strategic Plan for the period 2016-2020​