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Global Nuclear Safety and Security Communication Network

GNSSCOM is a network for Member States to connect and collaborate with the goal of improving communication effectiveness, consultation and overall interaction with interested parties, and building public trust in the nuclear and radiation safety and security field.
Transparent and effective communication is vital for the development and sustainability of strong nuclear and radiation safety as well as security programmes within Member States and and for building trust of the interested parties, including the public. However, many Member States continue to face diverse and complex communication challenges such as transparency, stakeholder identification, mapping, dissemination of information, as well as message and information clarity.  
The IAEA focuses on promoting programmes to support Member-States' communication capabilities through training programs and workshops to support and provide guidance in delivering valuable results. Networking and other specific activities improve the exchange and sharing of information. Capacity building will therefore increase communication capability and professional skills, knowledge and expertise.
To further support Member States, IAEA has developed a network and a platform related to communication matters and issues for Member States: national regulatory authorities, their technical support organizations and relevant governmental organizations.
GNSSCOM focuses on building communications capacity for communication practitioners and relevant experts of national regulatory authorities and their technical support organizations worldwide. Its aim is to improve the dissemination of information, enhance transparency and communication effectiveness of safety and security related technical and technological information to the public, media, internal and external parties, as well as  governmental and legislative stakeholders.


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