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Application of the Concepts of Exclusion, Exemption and Clearance (RS-G-1.7).pdf
Categorization of Radioactive Sources (RS-G-1.9).pdf
Control of Orphan Sources and Other Raioactive Material in the Metal Recycling and Production Industries (SSG 17).pdf
Establishing the Infrastructure for Radiation Safety (SSG-44).pdf
Functions and Processes of the Regulatory Body for Safety (GSG-13).pdf
National Strategy for Regaining Control over Orphan Sources and Improving Control over Vulnerable Sources (SSG 19).pdf
Occupational Radiation Protetcion (GSG-7).pdf
Organization, Management and Staffing of thr Regulatory Body for Safety (GSG-12).pdf
Radiation Protetcion and Safety in Medical Uses of Ionizing Radiation (SSG-46).pdf
Radiation Safety in Industrial Radiography (SSG 11).pdf
Radiation Safety of Gamma, Electron and X-ray Irradiation Facilities (SSG 8).pdf
Regulatory Control of Radioactive Discharges to the Environment (GSG-9).pdf
Safety of Radiation Generators and Sealed Radioactive Sources (RS-G-1.10).pdf