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This folder contains the different versions of RAIS released

RAIS versions at a glance

RAIS 3.4 Web          Introduced stronger cyber security countermeasures to strengthen the system protection                             
        • Stronger prevention of most critical application security risks
        • Encrypted connection between the application and the database server

                                  Improved System Responsiveness in all functional areas, such as:

        • Input-Summary: 72%
        • Selection Filter: 61%
        • Query and Statistics: 83%
RAIS 3.3 Web            Introduction of Web services
                                   Optimized performance (code and pre-selection lists)
                                   Forcing strong password
                                   Enhanced management of files uploaded through RAIS
                                   Minor bug fixing
RAIS 3.2 Web            Require MS SQL Server 2008 R2 (Express) or above
                                   Implementation of enforcement as a regulatory process
                                   Extended implementation of data roles
                                   Introduction of message box restriction and introduction of task assignment to regulatory body staff members
                                   Introduction of specific reports
RAIS 3.1 Web            A web interface
                                   Require MS SQL Server 2005 (Express) or above 
                                   Enhancing the incidents module in RAIS 3.0 by a full-featured module on radiation events
                                   Introduction of functional roles and data roles to improve users’ management
RAIS 3.0 with SQL Extensions
                                   Support for MS SQL Server 2000 or Microsoft Desktop Engine
RAIS 3.0                     The Regulatory Authority Information System (RAIS) has been developed by the IAEA as part of a supporting set of actions designed to assist member states in achieving the objectives of the Model Project on Radiation and Waste Safety Infrastructure
                                   This version was implemented with MS Access database technology
RAIS 3.3 Web
7/4/2014 1:03 PMSUMAN, Hazem