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This GNSSN area is undergoing maintenance, scheduled to complete by the end of August. While all content is available, modifications (file uploads, content changes) are not possible at this time.
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National Nuclear Regulatory Portal (NNRP)

The National Nuclear Regulatory Portal (NNRP) is the “National Entrance Portal” of the RegNet.

Functions of the National Nuclear Regulatory Portal (NNRP):

  • The NNRP is on one hand a part of the global RegNet and on the other hand the Entry Page to the:
    • General Country Information;
    • Country Nuclear Regulatory Profile (CNRP);
    • National Networks (like an interface);
    • Actual National Legislative Information (Legislative Pyramid);
    • Exchange information resources between regulatory authorities of IAEA Member States;
  • Exchange information resources between Member States and IAEA, including easier access to the restricted IAEA information resources;
  • Use NNRP for country purposes.

Structure and Content of the NNRP

The NNRP is based on an uniform structure and administered by the respective country itself. At present content and structure developed in pilot phase is adequate and comprehensive enough.

The NNRP contain the Country Nuclear Regulatory Profile (CNRP) as well as further country specific information on items of interest for nuclear regulatory purposes.

As a rule, the main architecture of the CNRP contains the following issues:

  1. Radiation and nuclear facilities and activities of the country;
  2. Responsibilities and functions of the government;
  3. Global safety regime;
  4. Responsibilities and functions of the regulatory body.

In addition to the CNRP the following items of country specific information will be provided on the NNRP:

  1. General Country Information, e.g. national reports to the CNS, JC, etc.
  2. Legislative and Governmental Structure, Regulatory Body and involved parties;
  3. Regulatory knowledge base or Regulatory pyramid;
  4. Review and Appraisal services performed for the country (e.g. IRRS, OSART, ...);
  5. National event reporting & feedback system (OEF, GSI);
  6. National and international databases with information related to the country;
  7. Other important Links.