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This GNSSN area is undergoing maintenance, scheduled to complete by the end of August. While all content is available, modifications (file uploads, content changes) are not possible at this time.
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Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network

 The globally accessible GNSSN website is a set of existing networks and information resources that support work related to nuclear safety and security. GNSSN, provides open access to general information on nuclear safety and nuclear security on a common, collaborative platform designed so that experts can exchange and share information easily and quickly. More >>

GNSSN Highlights, Issue 1, Jan 2015


​The first edition of the GNSSN Highlights was published on January 1st 2015. It contains news about the most important recent events within the GNSSN networks including information on GNSSN Plenary Meeting during the 58th IAEA General Conference, regional networks’ updates, IAEA DDG for Nuclear Safety, Denis Flory’s views about the GNSSN, etc.​


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